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Puzzle18. Puzzle
We're all small pieces of the life mosaic.

Amy : One Heart17. Amy : One heart
Amy has a heart on her head...her thoughts and feelings flow together.
Amy : One Heart

Amy : Yin-Yang16. Amy : Yin-Yang
The masculine and feminine energy, Heaven and Earth, Sun and Moon, Alpha and Omega...A vibration that allows us to experience the Light...
Amy : Yin-Yang

Amy : Journey to the center of the soul15. Amy: Journey to the center of the soul
The less you travel with...the better it is.
Amy : Journey to the center of the soul

Amy & Friends14. Amy & Friends
A tribute to friendship.
Amy & Friends

Amy : Birth of an angel13. Amy : Birth of an angel
An angel who takes us across the color, shapes and images to a new world. A world where love is above all. Amy is born of a heart. Amy enhances the tenderness, femininity and wisdom that every woman and man on the planet have.
She reminds us what life is about. Amy was born to bring peace, understanding, love and respect to this world, so often beaten and wounded by insensitivity. Amy is an angel with invisible wings. Get to know her.
Amy : Birth of an angel

Women, colors and emotions12. Women, colors and emotions
Every color is an emotion, every woman is a color, every emotion is a world of colors. In this collection, different vibrations are transmitted through every color, every woman and her emotions.
This collection is dedicated to all the persons who can see beyond the visible things...
Women, colors and emotions

Routes of Soul11. Routes of Soul
Dedicated to lifeīs labyrinths, curves and straight lines present in our paths. This collection honors ups and downs, falls, stumbles and wise choices of our walk in this world. Collection specially dedicated to those who make their own path following the dictates of their hearts, those who dare to cross the bridges connecting light and darkness, those who enjoy the crossroads and know that they are just a bunch of opportunities, those who get up after falling down and keep walking with more wisdom, those who enjoy the trip aware that fate happens day by day.
Routes of Soul

Mother Nature, we are Nature10. Mother Nature, we are Nature
I dedicate this collection to mother nature, great example of life and death, shelter of our lives and dreams, source of infinite universes...Hopefully we can appreciate all its attributes, let's not forget the essence of life. You are nature, I am nature, they are nature, we are nature...
Mother Nature, we are Nature

The elements9. The elements
Life, sense and coherence givers. Elements connect us with the forces of life, beginning and end. This collection is dedicated to exalt those connecting vital forces...Each one is a world, together are life come true.
The elements

Catharsis8. Catharsis
Collection dedicated to those sacred moments of a human being, those dark infinite nights, those instants of authentic transformation, to neurons readjustments, to sudden awakenings, to those moments where fire prevails and burns everything to reborn from ashes...moments of desolation, inner revolution, metamorphosis, Godīs moments

...And I dreamed it was a garden7. ...And I dreamed it was a garden
I dreamed one day, maybe awake or maybe asleep, that the world was a garden, that people were flowers and their perfume was their language...That world of my dreams had a thousand colors, there were cascades nearby talking to flowers, petalsī reflex could be seen in the sky and butterflies where the planes flying from one place to another. I dedicate this collection to all the people who appreciate a flower...which beauty never stops impressing them.
...And I dreamed it was a garden

Living6. Living
Dedicated to all the people who have decided to live and have stopped those who appreciate life and its small things, to those who know how simple is something authentic, to those who feel related to the stars and neighbors of horizon.

Ironies5. Ironies
Dedicated to all the people who have decided to live and have stopped those who appreciate life and its small things, to those who know how simple is something authentic, to those who feel related to the stars and neighbors of horizon.

Unlikely4. Unlikely
To all those who feel deep inside that in order to see something you have to believe in it first...To all those people who know that thoughts and feelings mould the reality of their all those who feel in the presence of a miracle every time they wake up, because life goes on and dreams can still be painted.

Women of the World3. Women of the World
I dedicate this collection to the kids, teenagers and women living on earth. Their different cultures, colors, accents and traditions are joined by a collective feeling, a noble language and no words. To those women of invisible faces, those loved women and also those ignored ones... This collection highlights the female beauty, the richness of diversity and the universe that circles every one of the ladies whose feet walk throughout the planet.
Their footsteps are indelible
Women of the World

Female Universe2. Female Universe
A fragile and subtle world, capable of creating, dreaming, dying and reinventing every day. Such inner world beating out loud ... that is the universeīs pulse. Each womenīs world is elevated in this collection respecting her role in the various societies, families, cultures and all the small pieces that are integral part of the mosaic of life. This collection reflects a heart beating and protecting children and grown-ups of the world...In the female universe thereīs acceptation, inclusion, understanding and vocation of being dedicated to life
Female Universe

Women Flying with Butterflies1. Women Flying with Butterflies
This collection is dedicated to every woman in the world...those women in my life, those who shall come...those who have gone...and those who will never come...
Those brave women who wake up every morning and live the day as if it was the last, those women who know that the real beauty is in the eyes of the observer, those women who are always talking about ideas and not gossiping, those women who are afraid to be daring, those women who have lost the illusion of living, those women who work so they can eat, those women who are not afraid to leave their homes in order to work, those women who are crushed by their own fears, those women whose bodies are sick, those women who have a happy family, those women whose mind never stops thinking and planning, those women who take great pains to grow as human being, those women who have worn lots of masks in order to survive, those women who silently cry, those women who scream and cry to be heard, those women who have died and are now in heaven, those women who laugh at simple things, those women who feel they have come from another planet, those women who have just begun to live, those women who have lived more and have walked a long road, those women who are far from me, those women I forgot and the ones who have forgotten beautiful mother, and of course, to those men who enjoy the butterflies flight
Women Flying with Butterflies