Every painting that leaves my hands to become part of your life -and I mean every single one- is made on the same belief:
that a painting is not just a bunch of colors and shapes, but above all, my paintings are a part of my soul designed for ever.
susana khabbaz painter

Electronic Press Kit

Links on Youtube

     Amy - Being Born Again     
Amy - Living hearts
The Elements
100 Years plus 1 Day
Amy - Relaxing time
Amy - My balcony
Amy - Waters
Amy - Togetherness
Amy - Looking at paradise
Amy - Destiny Future
Birth of a wing
     Amy - Butterflies into the maze     
Amy - sublime
Amy - Alquemy
Amy - The magician
Amy - Blue dreams
Amy - Women of Gaia
Amy - Midnight stars
Cosmos in the soul
Amy - Introspection
Searching for the moon
Amy - Unity
Desert's smiles
Amy - Evoution
Amy - Between suns
Amy - Essence


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