A Biographical Note of Susana Khabbaz

Cultural diversity as a sign of identity has been the most evident feature in Susana Khabbazīs path. Since her childhood she experienced how rich languages are, also the different accents, a broad concept of the sense of belonging and being exposed to changes, which result was a complex mixture that impressed her early sensibility that together with her big tendency to reflection and introspection, set a free and inspired inner world that would later on come out due to the need of being expressed through art.

At nine she discovered painting and took classes for about five years until she started to explore new ways of expression through music. Thatīs when piano and contemporary dance complete a universe that makes her see life through a crystal of her own. Soon after that, those images are expressed through painting, music, dance and writing.

The complex diversity inspiring her, takes her to express herself with art -an activity practiced in private- and motivates her to complete her formation in totally different ways. Outstanding student, awards bachelorīs degree in international trade which perfectly complements with her passion for foreign languages; passion that took her to the United States of America, France and Italy for some time, then moving to Spain to take a masterīs degree in hotel management plus another masterīs degree in management of event planning, protocol and institutional relations.

Whilst walking through this path, it was the time for painting to emerge with the strength of a spiritual activity that has been long postposed which unleashed a creative process revealing the deep happiness of finding her mission in this life. Susana is the painter of her visions of life; these visions define her and define the message of light that is released through each and every one of her works.

Her paintings are the expression of her sensibility towards the beauty thatīs implicit in the esthetical and unstructured, in the symmetrical and irregular, in the fusion of writing, images and colors, souls dancing around life looking -unconsciously-to be part of her works and finding themselves in those works in a sense of harmony providing light to the darkness.


2017 - White's Art Gallery - Miami (USA)
July - Collective Exhibition

2017 - Ecocentro - Madrid (Spain)
July - Between heaven and earth - Solo exhibition

2017 - Hernan Gamboa Gallery - Miami (USA)
June - Collective Exhibition

2017 - White's Art Gallery - Miami (USA)
February - Collective Exhibition

2017 - White's Art Gallery - Miami (USA)
January - Collective Exhibition

2016 - White's Art Gallery - Miami (USA)
September - Hearts. Solo exhibition

2016 - Performance Palazzo Argenti Cecucci - Trevi (Italy)
The universe of Amy

2016 - Centro Cultural Antonio Machado - Madrid (Spain)
Women of ligth

2015 - Centro Cultural Antonio Machado - Madrid (Spain)
When women talk

2015 - Hotel Intercontinental / White's Art Gallery - Miami (USA)

2015 - White's Art Gallery - Miami (USA)
Collective Exhibition

2014 - Performance Rocafort - Valencia (Spain)

2014 - Castle of Federico II - Melfi (Italy)
Woman Award 2014 | Will beauty save the world?

2013 - Performance Instituto Aluna - Valencia (Spain)
The chakras

2013 - Palazzo Vescovile - Melfi (Italy)
Tribute to women

2013 - Palazzo Giustino Fotunato - Rionero in Vulture (Italy)
Arcipelago Eva. Percorso tra arte, bellezza e benessere

2013 - Civic Museum Palazzo Donadoni - Melfi (Italy)
The Night of the Museums

2012 - Best Western Hotel - Valencia (Spain)
Rainbow Dreams

2010 - Carmen de la Guerra Galeria de Arte - Madrid (Spain)
Bridge to soul

2009 - La Pappardela Restaurant - Valencia (Spain)